The Transport Regulation Authority with Resolution no. 28/2021 ( established the "Measures concerning the minimum content of the specific rights that users of rail and bus transport services they can demand from the service managers and related infrastructures with regard to the handling of complaints ".

ITALO, by virtue of Resolution no. 28/2021, has updated its complaints management flow accordingly as well as the complaints form on its website.

How to submit a claim

If you wish to file a claim, you can:

• Form it by filling out the web claims form in this section;

• Contact Italo Assistance at 892020 (paid service);

• Form it by filling in the PDF form (editable) in this section. You will then have to print it and send it by registered mail to "Italo - Nuovo Trasporto Viaggiatori S.p.A – Via Casilina 1 – 00182 Roma" indicating on the envelope: "For the attention of the Complaints Management office''. Click here to download the form in pdf format.

• Alternatively, hand-filled letters sent in the same manner indicated in the previous point (registered mail) containing all the data indicated below will also be accepted:

Necessary data to be included in the Claim
Resolution 28/2021 of the aforementioned Transport Authority provides that the following data must be included in the complaint, in order for it to be taken over by the Service Manager:

A) the identification references of the user (name, surname, address) and any representative, in this case attaching the proxy and an identity document of the user;
B) the identification references of the journey made or planned (date, time of departure, origin and destination) and of the transport contract (booking code or ticket number) or a copy of the travel document;
C) the description of the inconsistency of the service found with respect to one or more requirements defined by European or national legislation or by the general conditions of transport.
Fill out the Complaints Form via the web
Download PDF form to print and send
Have you already opened a claim?

Online Dispute Resolution information

ITALO has not signed specific agreements for the use of a particular dispute resolution body. Customers can connect to the platform managed by the European Commission, and freely choose the body to to contact to resolve the dispute and activate the relative procedure.

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